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Light Goku, or Pika Goku, is Goku with the Power of Light. He achieved this power when he was captured by Ice-Jins, and was hit by a Sun Beam. While they hoped that Goku would die, Goku absorbed the energy, and became Light Goku.
Pika no Goku

Light Goku


His hair gains a vanilla-like color, with some white. His eyes also turn yellow, as does his eyebrows.


Now that Goku has achieved Light Powers, he has reached his peak. He can choose to become un-touchable, and can blind his enemies by charging his energy. He gains numerous new abilities, such as:

  • Light Kamehameha--Goku fires a slimmer, but much more powerful, white and yellow Kamehameha.
  • Light Beam--Goku fires Beams of Lights on his opponent.
  • Divine Destroyer--Goku fires a huge SuperMega Explosive Wave, and also sends many thick beams, surrounding him, and finally destroying everything in range.
  • Light Bomb--A small Spirit Bomb, but the strength of the Universal Spirit Bomb. Can be charged quickly, due to Goku being Light.
  • And all his other attacks.
  • Regeneration--Goku can regenerate from all attacks, but does not get stronger, due to him being at his Prime.


Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Vital Burner02:08

Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Vital Burner

Light Goku's theme

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