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Appears in DBUW
Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Likes Fighting

-"Want a real problem? I'll give you one!"

Legende was the first ever legendary Super Saiyan. She went Super Saiyan for the first time when Frieza's Great, Great, Great Grandfather named Lord Hail (More then 5,000,000,000 years ago), killed her family. She was always a high ranked warrior and Lord Hail knew there was something very special about her. He wanted to make her snap. So after sloughtering her family, Lord Hail told her that it was her team trying to get revenge on her after a loss on planet Corpsic. She killed her team for revenge. After destroying her team's bodies she was told by Lord Hail that he killed them. She got so upset about the truth that she became a legendary super saiyan. She attacked and killed Lord Hail and his son took over. Legende, still after revenge, sought after Lord Snow, Lord Hail's son. She did not know that he told everyone on Planet Vegeta that she is a muderer. She got attacked by the locals, but was able to hold them off. The delay gave time for Lord Snow to create a super wepon that gave him an unlimited supply of energy. Lord Snow knew he might not survive so he had an intercource with his wife, Queen Frostbite. The queen and her baby evacuated and Legende arived. The battle began. At the start Legende could not get into the legendary super saiyan stage and was losing. She was slammed in the side and back by his skull. She punched him in the gut and he grimmised in pain. She elbowed him and shot 29 energy beams at him. He took them all and whacked her dealing massive damage to her. This made her mad enough to go legendary super saiyan. She blew 59 holes in the ship the two warriors were on and the ship started to crash. She gained the upper hand when she stoped boosting her speed. She went behind him and ripped off his tail. She then beat his face in, but, he self destrected his ultiment energy miciene and died with Legende.


Soon after her death Goku came back from training with Shenron, he revived Legende due to the fact she was the first Legendary Super Saiyan. Goku was shocked, when he found out she looked just like Pan, Legende talked and told her story to Goku. She found the Dragon Balls and wished for immortality. 


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