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Invisible Eye Blast
Invisible Eye Blast
Debut "The End of Vegeta"
Users Goku
Supreme Kai
Majin Buu
Class Energy
Color None
Similar techniques Don't Get Cocky Kid

Invisible Eye Blast is a Kiai technique shot from the eyes. It was used by both Goku and the Supreme Kai, each on two separate occasions, as well as Majin Buu.


Goku Kiai Wave

An enraged Goku initiates a Kiai with the use of his eyes to build Vegeta a resting place

No instance of this attack has ever done any damage, but it appears that, unlike Goku, the Supreme Kai has a relatively powerful version, as he actually expected the blast to hold Majin Buu at bay.

The invisible eye blast has only been used four times in the series (only three times in the Dragon Ball manga). The first time it was used was during the Frieza Saga, when Vegeta had just died from Frieza's Death Beam, Goku uses the invisible eye blast to dig a hole to bury Vegeta's corpse in.

Buu eye blast

Buu, performing his version of the Invisible Eye Blast

The second time that the technique is used is by the Supreme Kai, in the episode "The Terror of Mr. Buu", when he used the blast against Majin Buu, expecting it to hold him. However, it proved useless, as Majin Buu was only temporarily disoriented. Thanks to Majin Buu's ability to instantly learn any technique he observes, he returns the attack and sends the Supreme Kai flying.


Supreme Kai uses an Invisible Eye Blast.

The third time was also in the episode "The Terror of Mr. Buu", when Gohan was hit by Majin Buu's Vaporize!, and was headed for outer space. Supreme Kai used his invisible eye blast to destroy the energy ball, saving Gohan's life by a thread.

The fourth and final time the invisible eye blast was used was in the Shadow Dragon Saga in Dragon Ball GT, when Goku and Vegeta had fused into Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta to battle Omega Shenron. He used the invisible eye blast, not to do damage to Omega, but to flaunt his superior power.

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