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Innocence Rush
Alternate names Inosensu Rasshu
Debut "Cell Juniors Attack!"
Inventor Cell Jr.
Users Cell Jr.
Class Physical
Similar techniques Perfect Combination
High Speed Rush

Innocence Rush (イノセンスラッシュ) is a rush attack used by Cell Jr. First, Cell Jr. uppercuts the opponent and then roundhouse kicks them. Then, he flies past the opponent a few times punching them in the process, which makes the opponent fall. Last, Cell Jr. knees the opponent in the stomach, inflicting a high amount of damage.


Cell Jr. knees Krillin

Cell Jr. used most of this attack against Goku in his Full-Power Super Saiyan form. Since Goku was unable to fight back due to his exhaustion from his epic battle against Cell, the Cell Jr. ruthlessly attacked Goku with the Innocence Rush's punches and kick, knocking the Saiyan to the ground. A seperate Cell Junior used the Innocence Rush's knee attack against Krillin after kicking the human off a cliff.

This attack appeared in the Budokai Tenkaichi series as one of Cell Jr's Blast 2 attacks. This attack reappeared in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 as one of Cell Jr.'s Super Attacks.

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