Appears in CN's Fanon
Race Ice-Jin
Gender Male
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Icer is a evil Ice-Jin. Icer was born long before King Cold and was a quite normal person, he was most known for being the only Ice Jin to surpass the 5th form and reach the legendary 6th form. Icer was the leader of the Ginyu Force back in the day. Icers Legendary 6th form was achieved through intense training, and a need. Icer had conquered the most Planets in the history of the universe, Icer has conquered 4,302 Planets in his life time. Icer died in his sleep at age 117 and enjoyed killing his servents with his signature attack, the Death Beam.


Icer was a cocky, full-of-himself type of person, he thought of himself to be the most powerful person to ever walk the universe, and would be shocked if someone could surpass him. At the time he lived no one ever surpassed him due to him being the most powerful being, but could easily be beaten but any Super Saiyan. Icer also killed his own soldiers for the fun of it.



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