Goku Hie

Ice Goku

Ice Goku, or Hie no Goku is Son-Goku created using the power of Ice. He came into existance when he fought Android 72. Goku was pushed into the ocean, and there, he was infected with a blue mass, which turned him into Ice Goku. Unlike his more serious counterpart, he is often seen taken things very calm, and is never seen losing his temper.


Goku's apperance is changed drastically. His hair turns into different shades of blue, as does his eyebrows and eyes. Other than that, nothing is affected, except his voice, which is a bit calmer, even in the heat of battle.


Since Ice Goku has Ice Powers, he gains numerous attacks and abillities. He can choose to freeze his opponents by simply touching them, or lower the temperature to unimaginable levels while charging his energy. He gains numerous new abilities, such as:

  • Hie Kamehameha--Goku fires a not to slower, but much more powerful, white and blue Kamehameha, which can either detonate or freeze down anything.
  • Ice Launcher--Goku jumps up in the air, and is boosted by an ice pillar. Then, he flies toward his chosen object, and freezes it down.
    Cool Element Goku Attack

    Ice Goku using his Ice Launcher.

  • Ice Mist--Goku shatters into many pieces, and slowly disintegrates into gas, which freezes down anything within range.
  • Chillin' Bomb--Goku creates a Spirit Bomb, which is infused with Ice powers. It becomes dense, and when fired, is so strong that he can freeze down the Sun.
  • All his other attacks.
  • Regeneration--Goku can regenerate from all attacks, but does not get stronger, as he is already as strong as he can be.

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