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I Won't Let You Escape with Your Life!
Ikashite wa Kaesanzo
Alternate names You Won't Escape Alive!
Exploding Grasp
Debut "Transformed at Last"
Inventor Frieza
Users Frieza
Class Telekinesis
Color       &       &      
Similar techniques Dirty Fireworks
Haretsu Majyutsu
Imprisonment Ball

I Won't Let You Escape with Your Life! (生かしては帰さんぞ) is a technique used by Frieza in his final form. Frieza catches the opponent with a very small energy sphere shot from his index finger in a fashion similar to his Death Beam. Then, he raises his arm upward, controlling and pulling the opponent high in the air with telekinesis. Finally, Frieza clenches his hand into a fist with an evil grin, which causes the opponent to explode.


Frieza used this attack to kill Krillin on Planet Namek. After barely surviving Goku's Large Spirit Bomb, an injured and angered Frieza nearly killed Piccolo with a Death Beam through his chest. As Gohan and Krillin were about to flee to Goku's spaceship by the Saiyan's orders, Frieza killed Krillin with the "I Won't Let You Escape with Your Life!" technique, shocking Goku and Gohan. Enraged by the death of his best friend, Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan, ordered Gohan to take Piccolo to his spaceship, and prepared to battle the awe-sticken Frieza.

Appearances in Video GamesEdit

This technique appears as Frieza's meteor attack in Dragon Ball Z: Buyū Retsuden and as his throw move in Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension.

"I Won't Let You Escape with Your Life!" was named in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, where it appears as one of Frieza's Super Attacks in his final form. In Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2, Frieza does the same thing, though it looks like his hand is more gripped. He also gives the evil grin. When the move is cast, it does not home, is a very small circle projectile, and if blocked, makes something that resembles an atomic bomb explosion.

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