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This is a Fanon article.


"AAAAAAGGGGGHHH!, oh man i just gotta keep training. Or else how am i suppose to help Gohan and Krillin" Said Goku. "Hmm *stomach rumbles*, i guess i could use a little snack eheheh". *Finishes eating* "WHOO that was some dinner, Mr. Briefs sure does know what's good." "I think i should get some rest now, i wouldn't want to overdo my training".

Goku: *wakes up* Where am i? What's going on, where's the ship? HUH? *sees Gohan*

Gohan: DAD HELP! *gets a blast shot through his chest*

Goku: GOHAN!!!!

???: Your son is no more


???: Hmm, you seem to be pretty strong for a human

Goku: Your's exactly like mine. Who are you

Bardock: Quite the resemblance, no matter i will deal with you the same as the others

Goku: Others?

  • fight begins*

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