Gohak first form
Anime name Gohak
Manga name Goharu
Debut Dragon Ball DC
Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth Age 1773
Height 6'1"
Weight 180 lbs
Allegiance Good
Family Vego (Best Friend/Fusee)

Flator (Enemy}

Talon (Dead Best Friend)

Mushra (Acquaintance)

Gohak is a Stand-Together character. He's a 24 year old Saiyan. He is good friends with Vego. On one occasion Vego and Gohak fused together into Vehako to beat Drake Flator. After a long exhausting fight, they were just barely able to defeat the to defeat him and drive him off. They fused into SSJ3 Vehako another time to kill Dragon Spirit Flator.




He looks like GT Goten. He wears Goku's clothes exept black undershirt, a yellow overshirt, and yellow pants. His Full Power Super Saiyan form looks like Goku's Super Saiyan form. His Super Saiyan 2 form looks like Gogeta but with lightning flashing around him. His Super Saiyan 3 form looks like SSJ3 Goku.


His personality is like Goku's, but a little cocky. But his SSJ2 and 3 forms, are serious, in fact way more serious than Gogeta! He is also no joke, and a he is a man of few words

Power LevelsEdit

  • Gohak: 7,500,000
  • FPSSJ: 645,000,000
  • SSJ2: 750,000,000
  • SSJ3: 2,150,000,000

Signiture TechniquesEdit

  • Spirit Kamehameha - Gohak can use this in FPSSJ - SSJ3, He makes a Spirit Bomb, and blasts it as a sparkly Kamehameha.

Upgraded Versions

-Angry Large Spirit Kamehameha: cross of Angry Kamehameha and Large Spirit Bomb

-Super Spirit Kamehameha #1: cross of Super Kamehameha and Spirit Bomb

-Super Spirit Kamehameha #2: cross of Kamehameha and Super Spirit Bomb

-Ultra Spirit Kamehameha: cross of Super Kamehameha and Super Spirit Bomb

-10x Universal Spirit Kamehameha: cross of 10x Kamehameha and Universal Spirit Bomb

  • Gohakhameha - Gohak can use this in SSJ2 - SSJ3, He makes a yellow and black Kamehameha orb, yells Gohakhameha! And blasts a yellow and black beam that surrounds him.
  • Soduhakhameha - Gohak can only use this in SSJ3, cross of Soduken! and Gohakhameha He makes a Gohakhameha orb, but instead of yellow and black, red and black; when fired, seems to explode when it hits a solid/liquid object
  • Soduken! - Gohak can use this as a SSJ2 only, He sticks his hand in the air, creates a blazing Spirit Bomb, throws it, and it explodes when it hits something.
  • Gohak Combo - Gohak can us this in every form, He foot sweeps his opponent; but before he/she falls, he uppercuts them in the chin to make them fly; then he teleports high and slams his opponent in the stomach, sending them falling towards the ground; Gohak teleports under his opponent an a swirling uppercut to back, breaking the spine and popping the shoulders; finally, he teleports above the flying opponent and fires a Kamehameha at him/her.

- Super Gohak Combo: Can only be used by SSJ2-3; just like the Gohak Combo, except with a Gohakhameha

This isn't all of his moves, just the ones only he and/or his fusions can use.



  • Vehako

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