The Generation Saga is the first half of the Dragon Ball SF Fan Magna, created by Nikon 23. this saga focuses on the the New Generation of Z Fighter including most of the original Z Fighters.

Volume 1:Edit

Chapter 1 "The Story Continues"Edit

After the climax battle against Omega Shenron, peace was restored along with the departure of Earth Greatest Champion. 7 Years later, many thing have now changed. Pan and Bulla are now attending Orange Star High School. with the city infested with crimminals, a teenager boy known as Gail has taken it upno his self to help combat these vile conflicts. Pan sees this as a chance to lend a helping hand, but will she be able to? The Story Continues...

Chapter 2 "Enter The Great Saiyagirl!"Edit

With Gail not wanting Pan's help in protecting the city against crimminals, she is forced to come up with another way to help him out weather he likes it or not.

Chapter 3 "Identity Revealed"Edit

with the city safe thanks to Gail and the Great Saiyaman, a vile villian wishes to erase the peace. also Pan's identity is finally exposed! how will gail react?! 

Volume 2:Edit

Chapter 4 " A Visit to Kame House! The New Turtle  School!"Edit

wih Gail learning  to control his ki and the Bukujustu from Pan, Gochan and Rohan visit Kaiyao at Kame House get the chance to train at the New Turtle School!

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