"So then, Kondō-san became the editor right around the time the Saiyan Arc began. At that time, Dragon Ball was explosively popular; when Jump did a 1000-ballot survey, at its height Dragon Ball got around 700 ballots."
— Fuyuto Takeda, Daizenshuu 1, 1995


Fuyuto Takeda

This article is about the real world. Toriyama&BlackCat
Fuyuto Takeda is a Japanese editor who works for Shueisha. He is Akira Toriyama's third editor.


Takeda took over Yū Kondō's position during the Perfect Cell Saga and lasted until the Dragon Ball manga's end. He also served as editor for Toriyama's post-Dragon Ball work.

Interview with Fuyuto Takeda in Daizenshuu 1

In Daizenshuu 2, Fuyuto Takeda is said to be Toriyama's inspiration for the villainous Majin Buu. However, when asked about this in Dragon Ball Forever, Toriyama denied consciously basing villain characters on his editors, but admitted that he might have done so subconsciously.

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