Finger Beam
Alternate names Energy Finger Beam
Debut "Enter King Piccolo"
Inventor Many Fighters
Users King Piccolo/Kami
Garlic Jr.
Lord Slug
Future Android 17
Future Android 18
Android 13
Kid Buu
Omega Shenron
Class Energy Wave
Color       or       &       or       &       or       &       or       &       or       or       &      
Similar techniques Bang Beam
Crasher Cannon
Death Beam
Dodon Ray
Finger Vanishing Beam
Finger Blitz Barrage
Scatter Finger Beam

Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniquesEnergy waves

Finger Beam[1] (フィンガービーム)[2] is an energy wave used by many fighters. The user holds out his/her index finger and releases an energy beam from his/her fingertip.


Salza beam

Salza fires a Finger Beam

King Piccolo used it to prevent Goku from using his Power Pole to dodge his Explosive Demon Wave. The Namekian Elder Moori used finger beams to destroy the scouters of Frieza and his soldiers (one of soldiers being Dodoria). Cui is seen injuring a boy named Bun with a Finger Beam during the latter's flashback. Jeice and Burter use Finger Beams as part of their Crasher Cannon technique. The evil Namekian Lord Slug used a Finger Beam to kill his henchman Commander Zeeun for making a foolish comment regarding Lord Slug's age. Salza used it on various occasions while on Earth with Cooler, and can even use the five shot version Scatter Finger Beam.

The Finger Beam is also a signature move used by the duo Future Android 17 and Future Android 18 on various occasions, notably during Future Krillin's assassination, during the destruction of West City and its people, and in the battles with Future Gohan and Future Trunks. Zangya, Bido and Bujin use red finger beams against Gohan (although Bido also uses a two handed version of the Scatter Finger Beam).


Omega Shenron's red Finger Beam

Kid Buu is seen using a variation of the Finger Beam very similar to Super Buu's Finger Vanishing Beam to kill Alpha-seijins during a flashback as well as to destroy planets. Omega Shenron uses the Finger Beam to destroy Bulma's Blutz Wave Generator and during his battle against Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan 4 forms (Omega Shenron uses yellow, red and green Finger Beams and also uses a red version of the Finger Blitz Barrage).

In the Budokai Tenkaichi series and the Raging Blast series, Android 18 uses the finger beam to end her Rush Attack (Sadistic 18).


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