Final Explosion
Fainaru Ekusupurojon
'Saishyuu Saigo no Waza'
Anime name Suicide
Alternate names Ultimate Final Skill
I'll Blow You To Pieces!
Vegeta Final Blast Bomb
Debut "Final Atonement"
Inventor Vegeta
Users Vegeta
Class Offensive
Similar techniques Farewell, Mr. Tien
Revenge Death Bomber
Final Explosion (ファイナルエクスプロージョン) was a suicide technique used against Majin Buu as a last resort by Vegeta in his Majin form. After bidding farewell to his family, as well as Goku, Vegeta released his entire energy and life force in a deafening scream, which causes an enormous, devastating golden-yellow explosion wave. In addition to turning his body into ash, this attack was able to destroy most of Buu's body, leaving only confetti bits behind. However, due to Majin Buu's regeneration ability, it was able to reform it's body, rendering Vegeta's explosion and sacrifice pointless.

Vegeta also used a scaled down version of the attack in the Vegeta Saga against Goku. In this adaptation, Vegeta did not lose his life. In the Budokai Tenkaichi series, this version of the attack is called Super Explosive Wave.

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