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Dragon BallEdit

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Emperor Pilaf Saga
The Secret of the Dragon Balls · The Emperor's Quest · The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi · Oolong the Terrible · Yamcha the Desert Bandit · Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls · The Ox King on Fire Mountain · The Kamehameha Wave · Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch · The Dragon Balls are Stolen! · The Penalty is Pinball · A Wish to the Eternal Dragon · The Legend of Goku
Tournament Saga
Goku's Rival · Look Out for Launch · Find that Stone! · Milk Delivery · The Turtle Hermit Way · The Tournament Begins · Elimination Round · Smells Like Trouble · Quarterfinals Continue · Monster Beast Giran · Krillin's Frantic Attack · Danger From Above · The Grand Finals · Number One Under the Moon · The Final Blow
Red Ribbon Army Saga
The Roaming Lake · Pilaf and the Mystery Force · Wedding Plans? · The Flying Fortress – Vanished! · The Legend of a Dragon · Cruel General Red · Cold Reception · Major Metallitron · Ninja Murasaki is Coming! · Five Murasakis · Mysterious Android No. 8 · Horrifying Buyon · The Fall of Muscle Tower · The Secret of Dr. Flappe · A Trip to the City · Master Thief, Hasky · Danger in the Air
General Blue Saga/Episodes

Commander Red Saga/Episodes

Fortuneteller Baba Saga/Episodes

Tien Shinhan Saga/Episodes

King Piccolo Saga/Episodes

Piccolo Jr. Saga/Episodes

Dragon Ball ZEdit

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Vegeta Saga (Uncut Episodes)
The New Threat · Reunions · Unlikely Alliance · Piccolo's Plan · Gohan's Rage · No Time Like the Present · Day 1 · Gohan Goes Bananas! · The Strangest Robot · A New Friend · Terror on Arlia · Global Training · Goz and Mez · Princess Snake · Dueling Piccolos · Plight of the Children · Pendulum Room Peril · The End of Snake Way · Defying Gravity · Goku's Ancestors · Counting Down · The Darkest Day · Saibamen Attack! · The Power of Nappa · Sacrifice · Nappa's Rampage · Nimbus Speed · Goku's Arrival · Lesson Number One · Goku vs. Vegeta · Saiyan Sized Secret · Spirit Bomb Away! · Hero in the Shadows · Krillin's Offensive · Mercy
Vegeta Saga (Edited Episodes)
The Arrival of Raditz · The World's Strongest Team · Gohan's Hidden Powers · Goku's Unusual Journey · Gohan's Metamorphosis · Gohan Makes a Friend · Trouble on Arlia · Home for Infinite Losers · Princess Snake's Hospitality · Escape from Piccolo · Showdown in the Past · The End of Snake Way · A Fight Against Gravity... Catch Bubbles! · The Legend of the Saiyans · A Black Day for Planet Earth · The Battle Begins... Goku Where are You? · The Saibamen Strike · Nappa... the Invincible? · Tien Goes All Out!! · Time's Up! · The Return of Goku · Goku Strikes Back · Goku vs. Vegeta... A Saiyan Duel! · Vegeta... Saiyan Style! · Stop Vegeta Now! · The Battle Ends
Namek Saga/Episodes

Captain Ginyu Saga/Episodes

Frieza Saga/Uncut Episodes

Garlic Jr. Saga/Episodes

Trunks Saga/Episodes

Androids Saga/Episodes

Imperfect Cell Saga/Episodes

Perfect Cell Saga/Episodes

Cell Games Saga/Episodes

Great Saiyaman Saga/Episodes

World Tournament Saga/Episodes

Babidi Saga/Episodes

Majin Buu Saga/Episodes

Fusion Saga/Episodes

Kid Buu Saga/Episodes

Dragon Ball GTEdit

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Black Star Dragon Ball Saga/Episodes

Baby Saga/Episodes

Super 17 Saga/Episodes

Shadow Dragon Saga/Episodes

Dragon Ball Z KaiEdit

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