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Emperor Brock
Anime name Brock
Manga name Brocku
Alternate names Brock
Debut DBZ
Appears in DBZ
Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth September 9
Date of death March 12
Height 7'0
Weight 300Kg's
Address Planet Yasai
Occupation Saiyan Warlord
Allegiance Himself

Emperor Brock also known by his full title, 132nd Emperor of The Yasai Empire, Brock is an impure and dreadful saiyan warlord who is responsible for the deaths of Amaranth's parents and siblings. He cheated his way to the top of the Yasai Empire with lies and deceit, strongarming his way to victory with his immense power, with which he prompted mutiny and insurrection among the Yasai Dynasty.

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