RulerKing Furry
Strongest WarriorsZ Fighters
Orbital Period365 Days
Date of DestructionAge 774 (Revived)
Age 789 (Revived)

Earth is the home planet of the Z-Fighters. Their are several residents their: Humans, the remaining Saiyans and Saiyan Hybrids, Namekians, Androids, and Animals (also Yardrats in Dragonball Online).


As far back traced is the King Piccolo attacks on Earth. Until he was stopped by Master Muititio. It was attacked again by Garlic Jr.

Dragon Ball ZEdit

Soon, it was threatened when the Saiyans arived on Earth to kill the population. During the fight, Vegeta almost destroys it with his Galick Gun.

It was later attacked when Frieza came to destroy the planet but was stopped by Future Trunks.

When the Androids came (main timeline) they weren't a threat that much. When Cell came on the other hand he was very threatening and even threatened to blow up the Earth if no one beat him in the Cell Games .

It was later threatened by Majin Buu and Babidi , but was halted when Satan befriended him. And was threatened again when Evil Buu defeated the Good Buu and ate him turning him into Super Buu . Super Buu's terror came to an end when Goku and Vegeta got everyone out from inside of him. But made Super Buu descend back into his purest form, Kid Buu , who blew up the entire planet. But it was later revived with the Namekian Dragon Balls.

Dragon Ball GTEdit

They Earth was threatened when Pilaf made a wish on the Black Star Dragon Balls, senting in play the main events of Dragon Ball GT . But was prevented when Goku, Pan , and Trunks brought the Dragon Balls back to the Earth.

When Baby made a wish on the Dragon Balls, no one knew and only two weeks before the planet was supposed to explode they found out and transported everyone to New Planet Plant . But was revived by using the Namekian Dragon Balls.

It was threatened once again when Hell broke loose and all the past villians got out. And Android 17 fused with Hell Fighter 17 to form Super 17 , who easily beat the Z-Fighters , including Android 18 and Goku but in the end was defeated by Goku.

When a wish was made to revive everyone from that died after Hell broke loose the Shadow Dragons came and threatened the Earth once again. After about a few days to a week of fighting the Dragons, Goku and Pan met Syn Shenron and he absorbed the Dragon Balls becoming Omega Shenron . After a desprate Brawl Between him and the Saiyan Members of the Z-Fighters(excluding Pan), Omega dominated. It wasn't until Goku used the Universal Spirit Bomb and defeated Omega that peace returned to the Earth.

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