Dragon Ball Updates Wiki:Projects lists wiki wide projects that need to be done in order to improve the current state of the wiki. Some projects may require entirely new articles to be created, and some may just require some code to be added to certain parts of the wiki. The Manual of Style still matter here, so it is recommended that users become acquainted with those prior to working on a project. For past projects, see here.

Project MOS (Ongoing)Edit

Main article: Dragon Ball Updates Wiki:Manual of Style
This Manual of Style for Dragon Ball Updates Wiki is a guide for editors on how to properly format Dragon Ball Updates Wiki articles and an effort to overcome these problems by providing an itemized list of examples of the right way to write articles. In the interests of keeping the articles as clean, concise and professional as possible, all wiki contributors should strive for consistency of content. That is, articles of a similar type should follow a similar layout in order to be consistent.

As any experienced editor can tell you, some things can be written dozens of different (and, arguably, correct) ways. Inevitably, everyone has a different opinion on which way is best. Without some kind of established policy on these issues, wiki articles quickly become untidy and inconsistent as each contributor chooses to do things their way, and this may also give rise to arguments between contributors about which way is best.

Project Canon (Ongoing)Edit

Project Canon is about the adding of the Category:Canon to the official pages on this wiki.

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