Every Monday and Thursday, a new piece of music will be selected, from top to bottom, to be put on the main page. This page allows users to suggest a piece of music that they would like to see on the main page. To request a song, the name of the game and song title must be included in the YouTube link.

If a new trailer is released for any game in the Dragon Ball series, all music requests will be halted. Suggestions can still be added, but they will not be chosen. This trailer will stay up for a one week, per its placement on the main page.

All previously featured media will be recorded and can be seen at the Former Media page.

Rules Edit

  • Only registered users may suggest pieces.
  • If you do not sign, your piece will be removed.
  • Please do not suggest a piece that has already been suggested.
  • Please do not suggest a previously featured piece. However, after twelve weeks, or twenty-four songs, then the song can be re-suggested.
  • A user can only request one song at a time, however, once their previous piece has been taken off the main page, they may suggest another.
  • Music selection can be from any anime series.
  • Music must be longer than thirty seconds, but should not exceed the limit of ten minutes.

Requests Edit

Please type your request in this manner: # [ ''Game Name'' &— Name of Piece] ~~~~

Currently Featured Edit

Piece Suggested by Uploaded by Start of Showcase End of Showcase

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