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The Three MAIN characters.


This series takes place after Dragon Ball GT. The three main characters names are Goku Jr, Broly Jr, (unlike the original Broly, Broly Jr goes to the good side eventually) and the Saiyan elite, Gotek.


There are a lot of enemies in Dragon Ball Heroes series, but the two main enemies are:


Goku Jr.Edit

Goku Jr, like his great, great-grandfather, is nice, a strong fighter and can go Super Saiyan at will.

Broly Jr.Edit

Broly Jr is almost a COMPLETE opposite of his great, great-grandfather. He has long hair, (unlike the original Broly, who has short hair).


Gotek is a saiyan who really cares about his pride (just like Vegeta). He can also go Super Saiyan at will.


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Goku Jr. (back) Gotek (front) They are both in their Super Saiyan 5 forms. For some reason, they grow taller in this form

Goku Jr wears a red Gi and has a blue belt. His shoes are black and he wears a yellow long-sleeve shirt. Like most Pure-blooded Saiyans, he has a tail.

Broly Jr, just like the original Broly, RARELY wears a shirt. He has yellow pants, a purple belt. His "shirt" covers most of the belt and he has a ring on his arm. He has purple wrist bands and has purplish-black shoes.

Gotek has a long blue Japanese suit, a long-sleeve black shirt and a yellow belt. He also has blackish-blue shoes.


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