Super Saiyan DemiseEdit

Vegeta Jr SSJ by SilverAngels07

Super Saiyan Vegeta Jr

Vegeta Jr:*goes Super Saiyan* Now, prepare to die! HAAA!

Gotek: Vegeta, no!

Supea Goku: Idiot. *charges and knocks out Vegeta Jr easily*

Goku Jr.: NO! *Goes Super Saiyan and flies away*

Supea Goku* Hmph, think you can escape fool?*chases after him*

Gotek: ... Nobody remembers me... *flies after them*

  • Goku jr., Gotek and Supea Goku chase each other for half an hour*

Supea Goku: Finish it! *Uses a super explosive wave*

Goku jr: Woah *swims in the air comically before getting hit*

Gotek: He-He-Hey HEY!!!!! *gets blown away*

Supea Goku: *goes into the crater and lifts Goku jr up by the hair* How does it feel?

Goku jr: *grunts* HAHAHAHA

Supea Goku: Well time to kill the vermin *fires a one handed kamehameha at Gotek*

Goku jr: NO! KAIOKEN! *combines Kaioken times 5 with Super Saiyan, kicks Supea Goku's hand away and rushes at the kamehameha*

Gotek: Ugh what the he- *sees the kamehameha* why does this always happen to me?

Goku jr:*gets in front of the kamehameha and fires his own kamehameha* I'LL BEAT YOU!

Supea Goku: Die. *uses both hands and powers up the kamehameha*

Gotek: I'll help! *goes super saiyan and combines his kamehameha with Goku jr's*

Vegeta jr: GOKU JR! WE CAN FUSE!

Goku jr: YEAH! *Flies at Vegeta jr.*

Gotek: YES! Wait... I think someth- Crud.

  • elsewhere* Bulla: SUPEA GOKU'S POWER LEVEL IS OVER 60,000,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pan: What about the others?

Bulla: GOKU JR.'S POWER LEVEL IS OVER 7,500,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND VEGETA JR.'S POWER LEVEL IS OVER 1,450,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND GOTEK'S POWER LEVEL IS OVER 1,080,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pan: They'll never win like that. And why are you yelling?

Bulla: Dunno.

  • back at the fight*

Vegeta jr and Goku jr: Fuuuuuu-

Supea Goku: *redirects the kamehameha just before it hits Gotek*

Gotek: *loses super saiyan form and faints*

Bulla: Gotek's power level's dropped to 216,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vegeta jr and Goku jr: -Sion! HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! *Kamehameha hits just as they fuse giving them it's power*

Gogeta jr: I'M BACK!

Bulla: THEIR POWER LEVEL IS OVER 4,000,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gogeta jr: Kaioken times 5!

Bulla: Sorry it's 20,000,000,000.

Gotek: *wakes up and goes Super Saiyan* Take my power too! *gives all his power to them*

Bulla: Now it's up to 21,500,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gogeta jr: *teleports behind Supea and tries to kick him*

Supea Goku: *Grabs his leg and throws him through a few mountains and fires a barrage of Ki blasts at them*

Gogeta: Darn! *flies back while dodging and knocking away ki blasts*

Supea: *grabs Gogeta's head and hand and starts hitting him with it* Why're you hitting yourself? Why're you hitting yourself?

Gogeta: Haaa!! *Fires a Kamehameha at point blank range hitting Supea*

Supea Goku: *gets pushed back a few feet before knocking it away*

Gogeta: Kaioken times 10!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bulla: It's 43,000,000,000!!!!

Gogeta: *Kicks Supea in the side of the head and does the meteor combination and follows with the Kaioken attack and then uses kaioken finish and then uses a kamehameha* DIE DARN YOU!

Supea: HYAH! *Beats Gogeta* EAT THAT! *continues hitting* and that! *uses the bloody smash*

Gogeta:I'll keep powering up until I beat you! KAIOKEN TIM- *gets punched*

Gotek: I have these? *eats a Senzu bean and goes super saiyan* I'M READY!!!!!!!! *pulls gogeta away from Supea* Let's do it!

  • Gotek and Gogeta attack Supea for the next five minutes, but he dodges all the attacks matrix style*

Supea Goku: *Flies up at half the speed of sound* SUPEANOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *charges the Supea Nova*

Gogeta: What was... OH NO! We don't have the time to go up there! We have to stop that...

Gogeta and Gotek:Kaaaameeeeeeee...haaaaaaaaaameeeeeeeeeeee... *charge the Kamehameha*

  • half a minute later*

Supea: *Fires the Supea Nova*

G and G: HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *use the kamehameha*

Gotek: Whhhheeeeeeeeewehaewhahewewewehaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Supea: What the heck is going on?

Gogeta: IT WAS OUR PLAN TO BREAK YOUR CONCENTRATION!!!!!!! Gotek I'm gonna lower my force so I can power up kay? HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bulla: 30,000,000,000 vs 60,000,000,000?

Pan: we're screwed...

  • The SupeaNova charges at the earth dangerously fast

Gogeta: DONE!

Bulla: No wait 55,000,000,000 vs 60,000,000,000

Gogeta: Kaioken times 11. This is gonna leave me beat later... *Stops the Supea Nova and evening the odds*

To be continued.