The Fun Of FriendshipEdit

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Goku Jr gets excited.

Goku: Finally! I get to fight a strong fighter, for once!

Gotek: Huh? Didn't you hear me? I said they are stonger than we can ever imagine!

Goku: I know. It's just that even though we might die, at least we get to see how strong we are. Just like you said at the tournament.

Gotek: Fine, let's go! *Flies off*

Gotek, Goku Jr. and Broly Jr. go to the land where the Supeas are. As they arrive, the Heroes saw explosions and dead bodies scattered across the island.

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Gotek with different outfit, new hairstyle and hair color is shocked by what Goku Jr said.

Goku: *Shocked*

Gotek: *Thinks to self* Those MONSTERS!

Vegeta: *Waits* Well? Are we going to fight or what?!

Supea: Hahahahahahaha!!! Come at me, then.

Vegeta: Fine! *Goes Super Saiyan* Haaaaaaaaa!

Goku: No wait!

Supea: Eraser Cannon! *Explosion*

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Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. fused into Gogeta Jr.

Vegeta: Agh!

Goku: Hey, Vegeta? You still remember the Fusion Technique?

Vegeta: Yeah. Let's do it!

Goku and Vegeta: Fu...sion! Ha!

Gogeta: Hah! I am Gogeta. You won't be able to beat me!

Supea Goku: Heh! *Charges at Gogeta Jr.*

Gogeta: Heh, seriously? *Dodges and punches Supea Goku in the stomach* This is boring. I'm just too good!

Can Gogeta hold the Fusion long enough so that he can beat Supea Goku? Find out next time! on dragon ball heros

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