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Goku Jr versus another kid named Vegeta Jr.

The BeginningEdit

100 years after Dragon Ball GT, another world tournament takes place. Only this time, it's on the new Saiyan Planet Bardock! The junior-division finals contestants are Goku Jr. versus Vegeta Jr.

Vegeta Jr: So you finished sucking 

The tournament ended up being a tie.


Goku Junior:Bro your mums sick in bed let me finish

After the tournament, Goku meets a young Saiyan named Gotek.

Gotek: Nice moves out there

Goku Jr: Thanks! But it's pretty bad that the tournament ended up being a tie. Now no one gets the 100,000 Zeni.

Gotek: So? What matters is that you got to see how strong you were.

After what Gotek had just said, they became great friends.
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See Episode 2 for more!

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