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Dragon Ball: SH (Saiyan Hybrids) is an AU story of DBZ written by Katarina B. It details the life of Goku's daughter Gyoza and Vegeta's daughter Hadagi. Movies are not canon in this story.

Episode ListEdit

Saiyan SagaEdit

Episode 1- The Girl and the Saiyan

Episode 2- The Saiyan That's Your Brother

Episode 3- Pikkoro and Gokuu's Alliance

Episode 4- Spikes and Rage

Episode 5- The Makankosappo That Started it All

Episode 6- The Snake Way

Episode 7- Training With the Demon

Episode 8- The Training of Creeps

Episode 9- The Bathroom and a Dragon

Episode 10- The Saiyans and Some Green Men

Episode 11- Dirty Tricks

Episode 12- The Falling Drops

Episode 13- The Plan and Three Hours

Episode 14- Gokuu and Saiyans

Episode 15- Bejita's Cruelty

Episode 16- The Clash of Ki

Episode 17- The Moon

Episode 18- The Ape and the Beatdown

Episode 19- The Miraculous Feat

Episode 20- Kuririn's Bravery

Freeza SagaEdit

Android/Cell SagaEdit

Buu SagaEdit

Burori SagaEdit

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