Bouken Special cover

The Dragon Ball: Bouken Special (lit. "Dragon Ball: Adventure Special") is a one-shot magazine about Dragon Ball, released with a special Shonen Jump issue, in December 1, 1987.


Dragon Ball: Bouken Special is essentially the earliest guidebook devoted to the Dragon Ball series, and the only Dragon Ball anime-related special magazine. It was released shortly after the Dragon Ball manga's 150th chapter, midway through the King Piccolo Saga, and covers the beginning of Dragon Ball up to this point in the King Piccolo Saga.

The Bouken Special is the source for much of the extra character background information later incorporated into Daizenshuu 7. The book covers a wide range of subjects; such as Dragon Ball secrets, special background info on the characters, to the manga-creating process in general, and even Akira Toriyama's love life.

It notably contains a reprint of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Boy (a one-shot Dragon Ball prototype), a look at Oolong and Puar's school days, and Q&A with Akira Toriyama.

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