dr gero had retuned for dead after years if wighting to get his revgne he sets out ton mind contorl his new androids 18 videl bulma bulla  chichi he easy put them all under his contorl and in time fianly turns them in to his new inprofed android who set out to fight the z fighters thsi happen in alte time line where bulla form futrue is  vesting the passed and after she other become dr gero new saiyan androids they easyly defeat kid goten kid trunks and the others videl defeats goten goku bulla defeats trunks vegeta and 18 defeats krillin

and future trunks piccolo save the kncoked out z fighters form meeting there deaths only to later retuen and fight dr gero new androdis agian this time chichi kills goku befor fight starts and kid goten starts his fight with chichi and kid trunks starts his fight with bulma chichi and bulma give trunks goten punchs to there stomachs and faces bulma chichi go as far as abroabing turnks goten engey after beating them up lot chichi soon after defeats kills kid goten bulma defeats kills kid trunks will bulla defeats kills vegeta and videl defeats kills piccolo and future trunks and it comes down to only krillin lfit alive but soon after 18 kills kirllin to leave the z fighter deafeated and dead dr gero had win wodo now rule earth dr

gero later toosk dead bodys if goten trunks krillin turns them in to his new saiyan androdis to and tooks gohan dead body turnnig him younger aigna makeing him saiyan android ture will new goten trunks krillin gohan are under dr gero cotnrol the real trunks goten krillin gohan are stell dead

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