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Double Galick Gun
Alternate names Futa Gyarikku Hou
Double Garlic Gun
Debut "Gohan Attacks"
Inventor Vegeta
Users Vegeta
Class Energy Wave
Color       &      
Similar techniques Galick Gun
Final Crash
Final Burst Cannon
Double Big Bang Cannon
Double Galick Cannon
Galactic Buster

Double Galick Gun is a two-handed version of the Galick Gun used by Vegeta. When he uses it, Vegeta pulls his hands back to his sides and charges a Galick Gun in each hand. Then, he fires them forward so that they merge into one large Galick Gun wave, inflicting a large amount of damage.


Vegeta fires the Double Galick Gun

Vegeta uses this attack during the battle against Frieza in his second form. After Frieza attacks Gohan, Vegeta fires an energy blast at Frieza, followed by firing the Double Galick Gun, creating a huge explosion. However, as the smoke clears, Frieza is unaffected by the attack, much to Vegeta's shock.

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