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Double Galick Cannon
Alternate names Daburu Gyarikku Kyanon
Double Garlic Cannon
Dash Bomb
Debut "Vegeta Attacks"
Inventor Vegeta
Users Vegeta
Class Energy Wave
Color       &      
Similar techniques Dark Impact
Double Galick Gun
Final Galick Cannon
Change the Future

Double Galick Cannon (ダブルギャリックキャノン) is a two-handed yellow-colored version of the Galick Gun used by Vegeta. First, Vegeta charges at the opponent, but stops right in front of them and places both of his hands on the opponent's chest. Then, he grins up at the opponent and charges yellow energy in his hands. Finally, Vegeta fires the yellow energy in the form of a massive energy wave against the opponent, inflicting a huge amount of damage.


Vegeta grins before firing the attack

Vegeta used this attack against one of Babidi's henchmen, Pui Pui. Wanting to give Pui Pui the advantage, Babidi teleported the fighters to Pui Pui's home planet Zoon, which had 10 times the gravity of Earth. Pui Pui tried to attack Vegeta, only to be pummeled once again by the Saiyan prince, due to his training under 450 times Earth's normal gravity. As Pui Pui stood back up and attempted to attack again, Vegeta appeared in front of him and blasted him with the Double Galick Cannon, destroying Pui Pui and winning the fight.

Double Galick Cannon was named in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast and Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2, as one of Vegeta's Blast 2 attacks. It also appears Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension, where it is named "Dash Bomb", and in Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22, where it is Vegeta's throw move.

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