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Chocolate Kamehameha
Alternate names Chokoretto Kamehameha
Chocolate Turtle Destruction Wave
Henka Kamehameha
Change Kamehameha
Debut "The Tail's Tale"
Inventor Majuub
Users Majuub
Class Energy Wave
Color       &      
Similar techniques Chocolate Beam

Chocolate Kamehameha (チョコレートかめはめ波, Chokoretto Kamehameha; lit. "Chocolate Turtle Destruction Wave") is a combination of the Chocolate Beam and the Kamehameha used by Majuub. When Majuub fires a Kamehameha to his target, instead of inflicting damage, it changes the victim into chocolate.


Majuub's beam is deflected back at him by Baby Vegeta, resulting in him turning into chocolate

Majuub uses this attack against Super Baby Vegeta. However, the Tuffle parasite counters with a Final Flash, hitting the Chocolate Kamehameha back at Majuub and turning him into chocolate, which Baby proceeds to devour. It is later revealed that Majuub actually intended for the Chocolate Kamehameha to revert back to him in order to hurt Super Baby Vegeta from within.


  • The Chocolate Beam is one of the two Kamehameha variations that do not inflict any damage (the other being the Bluff Kamehameha).

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