Chill, is a changeling is what ever one else calls them but Saiyans call them ice-jins. He is a bounty hunter that

Chill (1st Form)

likes to get his hands dirty, and is well aware of the deaths of Frieza, Cooler and their father, King Cold.

List of TechniquesEdit

  • Flight - The ability of flight through the manipulation of ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Eye Laser - Precise laser-like beam shot from the eyes.
  • Death Beam - He extends his right arm and fires a small, bullet-like beam of ki from his index finger.
  • Death Comet - When Chill is unable to control his anger, he starts firing massive spheres of energy.
  • Fatal Combination - First,Chill punches the opponent in the stomach, then he whirls the opponent around to the ground with the punch still on the stomach. Last, Chill throws the opponent away in order to knock the opponent even further away, inflicting a great deal of damage.
  • Super Nova - Chill raises his hand or finger and gathers he's energy in the form of a giant yellow-orange, sun-like energy sphere.


  • First Form
    • Second Form
    • Third Form
    • Fourth Form Version 1
    • Fourth Form Version 2
    • Fifth Form
    • Spaceship
  • Second Form
  • Third Form
  • Fourth Form
  • Fifth Form

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