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Chi-Chi first appeared in Dragon Ball and is a main character in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.



She is the wife of the main protagonist, Goku's, wife, the daughter of the Ox-King, the mother of Gohan and Goten, the grandparent of Pan and the Great Great grandmother of Goku Jr.

She gets engaged to Goku in Dragon Ball, although Goku does not know it, and they get married at the end of Dragon Ball. She has two kids in Dragon Ball Z, Gohan and Goten, and one Grand Daughter, Pan, who is Gohan's daughter.

She is very protective of her family. She would not let Gohan train with his father and instead encourages him to become a scholar instead. Though this changed when her husband died, and she started to train her other son, Goten.

Chi-Chi is also a great martial artist, though can not stand against many of the main characters. She trained Goten while his father was in Other World.

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