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Anime name Cargo
Manga name Cargo
Alternate names Emih
Debut Manga: "Namekian Fear"
Anime: "Defying Orders"
Appears in
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Race Namekian
Date of birth Age 757
Date of death Age 762 (revived)
  • Grand Elder Guru (father)
  • Moori (brother)
  • Nail (brother)
  • Dende (brother)
  • 105 other brothers
  • Cargo is a Namekian and the 109th son of Grand Elder Guru. He lived with and was incredibly close (and looks nearly identical) to his older brother Dende. His name is a pun on "escargot."



    Cargo and Dende

    Cargo lives with Moori and Dende when Frieza has his men, which includes Dodoria and Zarbon, attack their village for their Dragon Ball. Cargo witnesses several Namekian fighters defeat Frieza's men, but then witnesses the fighters sadistically killed by Dodoria. Moori tells Cargo and Dende to run away from the village. As Moori prepares to attack, he is surprised by a blast (Dodoria's Mouth Blast in the anime or Frieza's Death Beam in the manga) that passes by him, killing Cargo instantly.

    Cargo... owned

    Cargo after being killed by Frieza

    Cargo is later revived along with the other Namekians (thanks to Mr. Popo's wish made to Shenron to revive everyone killed by Frieza and his men) and then teleports to Earth thanks to Dende's third wish to Porunga. He goes with the rest of the Namekians to New Namek.

    Video game appearancesEdit

    In Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Super Saiyan, Cargo (カルゴ, Karugo; renamed "Emih" in the English translation) hides in an earthenware jar in one of the house south of Moori's village while Frieza attacks the village. He will join your party if you find him.

    Cargo is seen in the background of the Namek battle stage alongside his family in Dragon Ball Z Arcade.

    Voice actorsEdit


    • It is unknown why Cargo's killer was changed from Frieza in the original manga to Dodoria in the anime.
    • In the Ocean Dub, Cargo's death is cut out as part of the massive cut back on death and violence made for the American dub. Instead, Dodoria's beam is seemingly aimed at Moori and Krillin states "That was close", implying that somehow Dodoria missed Moori. Additionally, Dodoria says to Dende "Your brother may have escaped, but not you!", further adding to the illusion that Cargo survived. Cargo is not seen after this and it is implied that he escaped and the characters later talk as if Cargo is still alive.
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