This is a Fanon article.

One Day Vegeta, Bulma & Trunks lived in a small hous

Bulma: VEGETA!!!!!

~Vegeta runs into the kitchen~

Vegeta:Did your water break?

Bulma:No im asking you if you could get the hot sauce I can't reach

Vegeta:Get it yourself

~Vegeta leaves the kitchen~



Trunks:I want a juice

Vegeta:Go ask mommy


~The phone rings~

Trunks: Yes? daddy no home

~Trunks hangs up and goes to the kitchen~

Trunks:Mommy can i have a juice?

Bulma;Sure Honey

Trunks:Thank You

Vegeta:Bulma we need to go to the hospital


Vegeta:Its time for our appoipment


~1 hour later~

Bulma:Vegeta are we there yet?

Vegeta:No why?

Bulma:My waters bout to brake


~12 Minutes later the baby comes out~

Vegeta:What Should we name her

Bulma:Lets name her Bulla

Trunks:I have a sister?

Bulma:yes you have a sister[[Category: ]]

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