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Bomber DX
Bomber DX

Derakkusu Bonbā

Alternate names DX Bomber
Impact Bomb
Debut "Terror on Arlia"
Inventor Nappa
Users Nappa
Class Energy Sphere
Color       or      
Similar techniques Cosmic Cannon
Saturday Crush

Bomber DX (デラックスボンバー) is an energy sphere frequently used by Nappa in his battle with the Z Fighters.


Nappa holds his hand out and charges a fierce pulsating white energy sphere in his hand. When it is ready, he reels back and tosses a large, pure white (golden when using his Lightning Aura) energy sphere at the opponent that creates an enormous explosion on is really powerful that it kills the nemekian


Nappa charges a Bomber DX to throw at Krillin

Nappa uses this attack to destroy Yetti on Arlia before the battle on Earth, completely vaporizing the Arlian. On Earth, Nappa uses the attack against Krillin in revenge for having his face scratched by Krillin's Destructo Disk. Krillin becomes injured by the attack, but Nappa is interrupted from launching a second one by Piccolo's Destructive Wind. Nappa uses the Bomber DX again in an attempt to destroy Gohan, but ends up killing Piccolo instead when he jumps in the way of the blast. Nappa uses it one last time with his Lightning Aura at Goku, who nullifies the attack with only a scream.

Appearances in Video GamesEdit

Bomber DX was named in the Budokai series and Dragon Ball Heroes. The attack also appears in the Raging Blast games, Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi, and Dragon Ball Z For Kinect under the name Impact Bomb as one of Nappa's Super Attacks.

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