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Bluzaru is one of the Z-fighters. He is known for his laid-back attitude, not even trembling at the sight of persons like Hirudegarn or Omega Shenron.


Alternate names Aozaru

The Professor

The Lazy Warrior

Debut Dragon Ball: Villain's Plottings
Appears in Dragon Ball: Villain's Plottings
Race Human/Unknown
Gender Male
Date of birth Age 72
Height 3-4 meters
Weight 95 kilos
Occupation Fighting

Studying Timelines


Allegiance Good


Bluzaru has a strange apperance. He is tall, wears a blue costume with light blue stripes on. He wears ice-blue glasses, and his eyes are only seen at close range.


Bluzaru at a close range.


Bluzaru is extremely laid-back, to that point that when he fought Janemba and got slashed, he just said "Oh! The fight already begun, eh?"

Theme SongEdit

Bluzaru's theme is "How do ya feel" by 5ive

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