Big Bang Cannon (ビッグバンキャノン) is an energy wave version of the Big Bang Attack used by Vegeta many times throughout the Namek Saga. To utilize it, Vegeta makes a fist and charges a potent beam around the clenched fist. He then throws his hand out at 90 degree angle with thumb in front of palm (same as the Big Bang Attack), and fires a blue energy wave out of an energy sphere.

The technique somewhat replaces the Galick Gun as Vegeta's signature move during the Frieza Saga, only to later fall into obscurity itself after being replaced by the much more powerful Big Bang Attack.


Vegeta first used this move to kill Elder Tsuno while he was searching for the Namekian Dragon Ball in his village. He later used it to blow a hole in Frieza's spaceship to make it appear that he had escaped, so he could circle around the back to get the Dragon Balls (this usage happened off screen). He then used it as a distraction to allow himself to escape with the Dragon Balls and a third time to escape from Frieza's ship. Later, once he believed he has all seven Dragon Balls, Vegeta sensed Gohan hiding behind a mountain and threatened to destroy him if he did not come out. When Gohan still did not appear, Vegeta charged his Big Bang Cannon and was about to launch it when Gohan finally showed himself. Luckily for Gohan, Vegeta let him live. Right before the battle with Frieza, when Gohan and Krillin double crossed Vegeta and used the Dragon Balls, the latter was about to kill them with the Big Bang Cannon when Frieza arrived.

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