Images (11)wet
Race Namekian/Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Height 6'11
Weight Unknown
Address Unknown
Occupation Training
-"Weak fool, you've made a mistake.

Barku was a Saiyan Hybrid. His father was a Saiyan while his mother was a Namekian. Barku was a childish boy with a hot headed attitude, but could pop a joke in tight situations. His upright attitude was very helpful. As a Hybrid of Namekian and Saiyan he could grow back certain parts, this proved to help in most of his battles. He had straight up red hair, and normally had a smaller uptight jacket on himself. He has a cocky attitude also as if he was Vegeta's twin brother, because they have almost exact same attitudes. He grew up living a peaceful and fun life, going to school, making friends and enjoying life. He died at age 88 and was friends with CertainlyNot, the god of fighting. Barku cared about fighting but it really wasn't the most important thing for him. He had died of old age, not sickness, injuries, or anything else. His best friend was Truten, they were the greatest of friends.


Barku had a story to tell: It started on a dark morning. Barku was looking at his feet, "I wonder why there has not been a threat". He went outside slowly looking from side to side. "You've been expecting me" said a stranger... "Who are you?" Barku said quickly. He glanced and quickly made his move "Are you the guy, the man I heard stories about...." "Perhaps, I am CertainlyNot, and you will learn from me." Barku stood as if he were to fall, "What? This doesn't make sense?" Barku said fast as lighting. "It will all make sense soon, just follow my orders. 


  • SSJ1, achieved at age 17.
  • SSJ2, achieved at age 19, while training with Piccolo.
  • SSJ3, achieved at age 24, when finding his unknown dad and his dad trying to kill him.
  • Full Power SSJ3, at age 29, his most amazing form.

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