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"This power...what is this power I feel?"


Baby Gohan

Baby Gohan is Gohan after he finally transformed into a Super Saiyan 4 and Baby possessed him. Alpha Goku quickly tried to destroy him, but Gohan said he could control Baby. But this turned out wrong as Baby could also take over whenever he wanted. Goku and Baby made a deal who ever would win in a fight would get Gohan, meaning if Baby won he would get to keep Gohan as his slave and if Goku won Gohan would take over the body and still have all the power that he got from Baby possessing him, but Baby would still have to be in Gohan's body.Baby agreed this deal.

They fought for days and eventually Goku won, but the bad thing that happened is Gohan would permanently have to stay Super Saiyan 4, but Gohan said that was alright as long he still got all of the power.

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