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Kid Babuu

Kid Babuu

Babuu was created when Buu allowed Baby to infect him to gain more power. They used this form to try and destroy Gogeta. Babuu also fought Janemba in hell and stole his sword. He used a scream to come out of hell and try to destroy Gogeta. Gogeta unexpectedly went HSSJ.Babuu under pressure began to channel his power and turned into Ultra Babuu. He overpowered Gogeta for a small while until Gogeta hit him with a Stardust Breaker. Ultra Babuu absorbed the power to become his Ultimate Form, Kid Babuu. Gogeta was completely overpowered. Gogeta was beaten until he unfused Babuu was about to kill Goku and Vegeta when suddenly Gohan, with his mystic powers combined with his HSSJ transformation, flew in. Kid Babuu was no match for Gohan. Gohan held Kid Babuu off long enough so Goku and Vegeta could regain there strength. When Goku and Veeta were back to full strength, Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta hit Babuu with two Super Kamehameha's and a Big Bang Attack. Babuu was sent to HFIL also doomed to be stuck as the same being due to the mass ki hit him.
Ultra Babuu

Ultra Babuu

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