At Last...the Dragon!
Chapter Details
Chapter #: 19
Volume: 2
Kanji Title: ついに龍あらわる!
Rōmaji Title: Tsui ni Doragon Arawaru!
Translated Title: At Last...the Dragon!
Release Date: January 10, 1986
English Release: March 2003
Saga: Emperor Pilaf Saga
Corresponding Anime episode(s): 11
Previous: Who's Got My Balls?!
Next: Just One Wish!!

At Last...the Dragon! (ついに龍あらわる!, Tsui ni Doragon Arawaru!) is the nineteenth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. The chapter's anime adaption is the episode "The Penalty is Pinball".


The cover page of the chapter features the main characters of the saga in a circle, with the title in the middle of said circle. Going clockwise, starting at the top, the characters are Goku, Oolong, Yamcha, Shu, Emperor Pilaf, Mai, Puar and Bulma.



The chapter opens with the gang stuck in Pilaf's Castle, where they are being monitored by Pilaf and his henchmen. As the gang bickers, Pilaf demands they hand over the Four-Star Dragon Ball. When Bulma refuses, a robotic arm comes out of the ceiling and takes her to Pilaf. Once again demanding the Four-Star Ball, Bulma continues to refuse, warranting her a kiss blown to her by Pilaf, hoping it would frighten her into giving him the Dragon Ball. Because it had no effect on Bulma, Pilaf sends her back into the gang's cell. After reuniting with her friends, Pilaf gasses the chamber, causing the gang (as well as Pilaf himself) to fall asleep. As they sleep, Shu and Mai search for the remaining Dragon Ball, which they find on Goku's person.

Several hours later, Pilaf and his henchmen are outside the castle, preparing to summon the Eternal Dragon. While they do so, Goku blasts a hole in the wall of the gang's cell with his Kamehameha, allowing them to peer outside. Hoping they can steal the Dragon Balls back, Puar and Oolong shapeshift into bats and fly out the hole just as Pilaf summons Shenron...





Volume 2: Wish Upon a Dragon
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