Armageddon is a Demon created by Dr. Gero AKA Android 20. His sole purpose was to destroy Goku, but Armageddon's demon DNA took over, driving him nearly insane, but he manages to control it. He has great respect towards Gero and is incredibly loyal to him. He is the elder brother of Apocalypse and Doomsday.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Armageddon has leathery bat wings and a hairstyle similar to Goku's, though it stands up like Vegeta's. He has black flesh and green pupils with black irises and has red claws sharp enought to cut diamonds with ease.

Armageddon has a Frieza-ish personality, and is quite sadistic when fighting. While he can be counted as a villian, Armageddon can act as a hero when he needs to, as when Rahu was kidnapped and controled, or when Psyco and Lonestar were being stalked. This could classify Armageddon as an "anti-hero."


  • Flight - He has wings.
  • Ki Blast
  • Mouth Energy Wave - A purple mouth energy wave.
  • Demon Eye - Red, piercing eye lasers. Also called Soumasen.
  • Catastrophe Cannon - Armageddon's signature attack. He crosses his arms in front of him then spreads his arms out and pushes his chest foward, firing a huge and destructive green beam of energy.
  • Black Rain - Armageddon hunches over and launches a swarm of black projectiles that look like missiles.
  • Windstorm - Armageddon gives a powerful flap of his wings, making a strong gust of wind. This attack is mainly used to either nullify weaker moves or send the opponent flying.
  • Brutal Rush - A knee strike followed by a reverse kick, an axe kick, finishing the opponent with a roundhouse kick that sends them flying.
  • Mystic Attack - He stretches out his arms and either slashes the opponent with his claws or he grabs them and pulls them towards him.
  • Destiny Destroyer - Armageddon's ulimate attack. He fires a Supernova-like sphere form his mouth, causing severe damage. An uncharged Destiny Destroyer can easily and drastically damage a planet.


  • He is named after the apocalyptic event which is said to end existance.
  • He seems to be aware of his demon DNA taking over him.
  • His wings give him the vague apperance of a bat.
  • Like a Saiyan, Armageddon grows more powerful after surviving a near-death experience.

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