Arm Cannon
Alternate names Arm Blaster
Beam Gun
Debut "Frieza Strikes!"
Inventor Unknown
Users Alpha-seijin
Appule's race
Class Gun & Energy Wave
Color       &       or       &      
Similar techniques Blaster
Ray Gun

The Arm Cannon is a beam attack blaster weapon that some soldiers of the Planet trade organization use if they cannot use ki.


Arm Blaster

Iru uses his arm cannon

It is worn on the arm, and has a wire that connects it to the scouter (some soldiers opt to wear helmets in place of scouters, in which case this wire reaches into a port in the helmet). By pressing a button on the side, it fires some sort of energy. It is unknown if the energy fired is the same as ki energy.

During a flashback of Majin Buu attacking Planet Alpha, the Alpha-seijin try in vain to kill Buu with Arm Cannons that fire pinkish purple beams. Only in the anime version of Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock, Toobi, Kyabira and Chilled's other soldiers use Arm Cannons.

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