Apocalypse is Armageddon's younger brother and Doomsday's older brother. He is the middle child of the trio. He is quite and shy, but is not afraid to fight when he has to.


He bears a strikingly similar appearance to Armageddon, but has red eyes with a indigo sclera. He is also slightly shorter. He also has claws, his being even longers then Armageddon's (giggidy). Along with a pair of wings, though his are more draconic.


  • Note: Apocalypse is mainly a physical fighter, so he has little to no energy-based attacks.
  • Flight - He has wings.
  • Mysitc Attack - The ability to stretch one's limbs.
  • Quad Slash - Apocalypse strikes his opponent four times with his claws.
  • Cross Slice - Apocalpse slashes the opponent in an "X" formation.
  • Apocalyptic Beam - One of Apocalype's few energy attacks and is his signature technique. It is a white beam fired from his left hand.
  • Apocalyptic Bomber - An energy sphere used by Apocalypse. He fires a white ball from both of his hands. This attack is considered the ball version of his Apocalyptic Beam.
  • Claws of Fury - Apocalypse rotates at high speeds like a tornado while holding his claws out, slicing anything near him.
  • Claw-kabob - Apocalypse stabs his opponent in the stomach with his claws and shifts them up and down, similar to the HAIL Frieza rush attack. He then bashes them into the ground, violently rips his claws from the opponent's gut, then push kicks them away.
  • Magical Apocalypse - Apoclaypse's ultimate attack. Using his powers, he stops time, allowing him to bash his opponent around, finishing them off with a Apocalyptic Beam.


  • His claws resemble Latin machetes.

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