Android 13
Jinzōningen Jū San
Anime name Android 13
Alternate names #13
Artificial Human No. 13
Cyborg 13
Fusion Android 13
Super Android 13
Red Ribbon Redneck
Debut Super Android 13! (July 1992)
Appears in
Z Ball.svg
Race Android
Gender Male
Date of death c. Age 767
Allegiance Red Ribbon Army (Dr. Gero's androids)
  • Dr. Gero (Creator)
  • Android 14 (Comrade/Component)
  • Android 15 (Comrade/Component)
  • "Free will. Pitiful humans! War, segregation, hatred! Is that what you've done with your free will, boy? Don't you lecture me with your thirty dollar haircut! Goku dies!"
    Super Android 13!

    Android 13 (人造人間13号, Jinzōningen Jū San) is Dr. Gero's thirteenth Android creation. He was designed to serve Gero's vendetta against Goku, who overthrew the Red Ribbon Army as a child. He made his debut in the film Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!.


    Creation and ConceptEdit


    Android 13 concept arts

    Android 13 and his comrades were designed by Akira Toriyama, the original manga author, for Toei's theatrical production. In the Dragon Ball manga and yo the Androids Saga of Dragon Ball Z, Android 18 asserts that Dr. Gero destroyed the first fifteen androids he designed. However, this statement might not be concordant with both the mainstream series (as Android 8 makes cameo appearances throughout both Z and Dragon Ball GT) and Super Android 13!, which features Androids 13, 14 and 15 as its lead villains. The movie indicates that Dr. Gero was murdered by Androids 17 and 18 prior to personally completing 13 through 15 (leaving an underground supercomputer to finish the models posthumously).

    Even though Android 13, 14, and 15 were not featured in the manga, the "Androids A-B-C's" section mentions that Androids 13, 14, and 15 were very close to the Android concept.



    Android 13 as he appears in the movie

    Android 13 was created for the sole purpose of destroying Goku. In the original Japanese version of the film, his serious demeanor regarding this task is demonstrated in Android 13's personality, while in the Funimation dub, his attitude is essentially that of a stereotypical "redneck" (which his character design also appears to have been modeled after). In the dub, he scarcely refers to Goku by name, preferring instead to call him by such titles as "city boy," "son" or "boy."

    In addition, the English dub provides a further glimpse into Android 13's psyche and to a small extent, humanity, when he lectures Trunks about how people have misused their free-will to create more sufferings like war, segregation and hatred; the original Japanese version and Chinese dub feature completely different dialogue from the character during this sequence. Also in Funimation Entertainment's dub, Dr. Gero's computer directly relays information to him, which is something only subtly hinted at in the original Japanese version of the film.


    The New Android ThreatEdit


    Android 13

    "Now, I can't believe that the great Goku is catching an ass whoopin' from those boys! If he can't even handle the Indians, why bring out the Chief?"

    Android 13 is completed by Dr. Gero's self-aware supercomputer software later than androids 14 and 15, who by this time are already taking up arms against Goku and Future Trunks. Upon his arrival on the Glacier, Android 13 confronts Goku, leaving Trunks and Vegeta to struggle against 14 and 15, shortly after which Piccolo intervenes to assist Goku, as well. Ultimately, androids 14 and 15 are defeated following Trunks and Vegeta's transformations to Super Saiyan, however even their deaths are fail-safe in Gero's plan, as 13 pauses to absorb components from 14 and 15, resulting in his fusion into Super Android 13.

    Super Android 13Edit


    Super Android 13 easily withstands Piccolo's assault

    Vegeta is the first to attack the newly transformed super android, only to be quickly brought to his knees by 13's amazing new strength. Goku, Future Trunks and Piccolo's attempts are also foiled with little effort on 13's part. Becoming desperate to stop the android threat before he grows out of control, Goku is forced to prepare his ultimate weapon, the Super Spirit Bomb, whilst Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan and Trunks distract 13. The Spirit Bomb's effectiveness is amplified when Goku makes a transformation to Super Saiyan during the process of gathering energy. Krillin states that only a calm-hearted person can sustain a Spirit Bomb, and when Goku transforms into his Super Saiyan form, his body absorbs the Spirit Bomb's immense energy. When 13 lunges at Goku, one punch from Goku sends the super android into the depths of the Spirit Bomb, where he is disintegrated by its ki and defeated.