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Alpha Vegeta

Alpha Vegeta

Alpha Vegeta is Vegeta after achieving a form far stronger then Eternal Super Saiyan. Like Alpha Goku, he is constantly stuck in this form. He is sometimes trying to claim the strongest being in the universe ranking but is next to Alpha Goku, but is above Baby Gohan.

History Edit

During Ultimate Eternal Super Saiyan Vegito's fight with Overlord, his two sides clashed inside of him. Goku and Vegeta were somehow inside his mind and they were gaining all of the power being produced by the fight. Eventually Vegito broke back into Vegeta and Goku, producing Alpha Vegeta and Alpha Goku. After a few moments Vegeta regained conscious and begin to attack Overlord along with Goku, a few moments later, and easily over powered him defeating the monster.


  • Ultimate Final Flash
  • Infinite Galick Gun
  • Omega Big Bang Attack
  • Dimensional Punch

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