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Alpha Goku

Alpha Goku prepares to fight in the Ice-jin/Saiyan War.

"I'm stronger than I ever was before, Vegeta. I think we'll win."

Alpha Goku is Goku after he reaches a form far beyond the power of even a Ultimate Super Saiyan. Goku must constantly stay in this form and can never go down. Goku tries to hold his place in the universe but is constantly being challenged by Alpha Vegeta, and Baby Gohan.


During Ultimate Eternal Super Saiyan Vegito's fight with Overlord, his two sides clashed inside of him. Goku and Vegeta were somehow inside his mind and they were gaining all of the power being produced by the fight. Eventually Vegito broke back into Vegeta and Goku, producing Alpha Vegeta and Alpha Goku.

After a few moments Goku regained conscious and begin to attack Overlord along with Vegeta and easily over powered him defeating the monster.

The Return of BabyEdit

Only 3 years after defeating Overlord, the evil parasite Baby returned and possessed Gohan who had just obtained Super Saiyan 4. Goku quickly tried to attack him but Gohan managed to overpower Baby's control and tell him that he could control Baby and control of the power. Baby resurfaced and said that if Goku wanted to be able to actually follow what Gohan had just told him he would have to beat him. Goku accepted the challenge. It took weeks, maybe months to determine the winner. But in the end Goku turned up the winner. Baby kept his promise and allowed Gohan to use his power, but with the downfall that Gohan must always stay in his Super Saiyan 4 form.


  • Eternal Kamehameha
  • Infinite Kaio-ken
  • Alpha Dragon Fist
  • Dimensional Punch
  • Spirit Bomb

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